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By Michael Hiltzik, LOS ANGELES TIMES
George Joseph, founder of Mercury General Group, is virtually the sole bankroller of Prop. 33, which he sees as a tool for poaching customers from competitors. George Joseph must think that the old saw defining insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result doesn't apply to him — or at least that it's amenable to...
Sacramento Bee
California voters have a basic question to answer when deciding Proposition 33, a self-interested initiative funded by billionaire George Joseph, founder of Mercury General Corp. Should Mercury and other auto insurance companies be allowed to charge higher rates for people who are new to auto insurance, or are re-entering the auto insurance market...
San Francisco Chronicle
The politics and the arguments of Proposition 33 are going to seem very familiar. The owner of Mercury Insurance wants to loosen state insurance laws so he can offer more discounts. Consumer activists warn that the change will lead to significant surcharges on new customers.   Yes, this is a replay of Prop. 17, which California voters...