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News Release
CONTACT Carmen Balber & Jamie Court
Santa Monica, CA -- The insurance billionaire backing Proposition 33 dropped another $500,000 into the campaign on Wednesday as Prop 33 slips in the polls. Mercury Insurance chairman George Joseph redoubled his campaign’s deceptive tactics with new advertisements that again feature testimonials by “supporters" who had financial ties to Mercury...
News Release
CONTACT Jamie Court & Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA -- Consumer advocates today produced evidence that Mercury Insurance company, the backer of Prop 33, discriminated against members of the military by overcharging or refusing to sell them auto and homeowners insurance policies. Prop 33 on next week’s ballot would roll back a 24-year old consumer protection in California and allow...
News Story
Op-Ed Commentary by Jamie Court, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER
Click here to view the original Op-Ed commentary. Answer just one question, and you'll know how you should vote on Proposition 33: Should you pay more for your car insurance if you stopped driving for a time because you couldn't afford a car, didn't own one or lived for awhile in a city where you didn't need one? The insurance billionaire behind...
Should the rules be changed for auto insurance companies doing business in California? That is the central question voters are being asked with Proposition 33. And the measure is complex.   Harvey Rosenfield wrote and shepherded the passage of Prop. 103, while George Joseph is the founder and chairman of Mercury Insurance. The two have been...
A former Auto Club of Southern California insurance agent blows the whistle on a company practice that discriminates against drivers without a history of prior insurance coverage by penalizing agents with lower commissions when they sell to those drivers. Consumer Watchdog Founder Harvey Rosenfield announces a lawsuit to end the practice and...
News Story
Click here to read the original editorial from the Sacramento News & Review. Proposition 33: No Conceived and funded by 91-year-old billionaire George Joseph, founder of Mercury Insurance Group, Proposition 33 is nearly identical to a measure that was rightfully voted down years ago by California voters. Proposition 33 would allow...