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Posted by Mark Reback
Sacramento loves to hate Consumer Watchdog, because we expose the dirty deeds politicians do for corporations, confront regulators who are asleep at the switch, and don’t believe you have to go along with big corporations to get along.  We also take on the rich and powerful in the initiative process on behalf of consumers, which...
Blog Post
Posted by Brian Stedge-Stroud
Good Drivers Penalized $1,000/Year The billionaire insurance baron-backed ballot measure to surcharge millions of California drivers by 40% has released their financial disclosure report according to the California Secretary of State.  The ballot measure has reported spending $2.1 million on petition costs, consultants, and office expenses....
News Story
Posted by Mark Reback
In California, the rule of politics is sometimes “one man, one ballot proposition.” Pretty much by himself, billionaire George Joseph is financing an initiative governing insurance rates. As the chairman and largest stockholder of Mercury General Corporation, an insurance company that does most of its business in California, Joseph has...