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Propositions 32 and 33 are backed by two insurance billionaires who have spent $39 million to try and buy the vote. Charles Munger Jr., an heir to GEICO Insurance, and George Joseph, chairman of Mercury Insurance, are behind Props 32 and 33, two ideas that the voters have already rejected three times before.  Don't let these billionaires steal an election. Join the online campaign - Share the posters today on Facebook and Twitter!



Zombie Props 32 and 33 Attack! Tell Your Friends To Vote For Their Lives!

These zombie propositions by two California billionaires just won’t die! Propositions 32 and 33 are repeat attempts by two super-rich individuals to take money and power from working people.

Send an email to your friends, or share our video on your favorite social network. Help us counter the billionaires' $50 million ad campaign and make sure every Californian knows that on Nov. 6th they have to vote for their lives!


Tell Your Friends: Papers Across The State Agree - Vote NO on Prop 33

What do newspapers all over California have in common? They all say No on Prop 33, the deceptive insurance company initiative that will raise rates on good drivers. Use our form to email your friends today!




Share The Video That Exposes The Lies in Prop 33 TV Ads

Prop 33's tv ads are a fraud on voters, down to the "real drivers" who are actually paid campaign employees. Please share this video with your friends, coworkers and family members in California.  Don't let one greedy insurance billionaire get away with this trick and deregulate auto insurance in California.