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By Brian Stedge-Stroud
Good Drivers Penalized $1,000/Year The billionaire insurance baron-backed ballot measure to surcharge millions of California drivers by 40% has released their financial disclosure report according to the California Secretary of State.  The ballot measure has reported spending $2.1 million on petition costs, consultants, and office expenses....
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By Kent McInnis
Want a simple and personal way to spread the word about Prop 33, and Mercury Insurance's deceptive, anti-consumer campaign? See the sample letter below as the foundation of a message you can send via letter or email to your friends, family and neighbors: Dear (Name), The 1%’s poster child, Billionaire George Joseph - chairman of insurer...
Blog Post
By Jamie Court
What:  Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Initiative Process.  Candles will be blown out and cake will be shared with people participating in Occupy LA. Who:  Harvey Rosenfield, Consumer Watchdog Founder and Prop 103 Author; and Jamie Court, Consumer Watchdog President and Author of “The Progressive’s Guide...
Blog Post
By Judy Dugan & Brian Stedge
When a billionaire auto insurance executive personally sponsors a statewide ballot initiative to delete regulations on his industry, would we Consumer Watchdogs be right to smell a rat? Yeah, we thought so. That’s why Mercury Insurance Chairman George Joseph is not only putting millions of dollars into getting people to sign his ballot...