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Prop 32 and Prop 33 Just Won’t Die, Says Zombie Attack Ad Video

Warns Voters To “Vote For Your Lives” As Props 32 and 33 Fall In Polls, Says Consumer Watchdog Campaign
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Jamie Court & Carmen Balber

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Jamie, (310) 392-0075; Carmen, (310) 392-0522 x323

Santa Monica, CA – A new Halloween election video gaining momentum on YouTube shows the Zombie Propositions 32 and 33 attacking protestors and small children, and warns voters the only way to stop the ballot measures and the insurance billionaires backing them is to “vote for our lives.”

The zombie video is circulating as Prop 32 and Prop 33 slip in the polls. A Pepperdine/California Business Roundtable poll released yesterday finds that Prop 33 has fallen to 48.8% support, from 54% two weeks ago. Prop 32 is tied at 44%, a drop from 51% support reported by Pepperdine/CBRT two weeks ago; Prop 32 and was losing 39% to 46% in a recent USC/LA Times poll.

Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqVxc0COf1Y&feature=plcp

Prop 32 attempts to allow corporations and Super PACs to continue their limitless spending on politics while silencing unions and consumer advocates. Prop 33 would roll back consumer protection laws that have saved Californians $62 billion since 1988 and raise rates on good drivers who do not drive for a time.

Voters have twice rejected measures similar to Prop 32, in 1998 with Prop 226 and in 2005 with Prop 75. Californians voted down a measure nearly identical to Prop 33 just two years ago with Prop 17, and the practice it would enact has been rejected as illegal by the California Department of Insurance and the California Court of Appeal.

An excerpt from the video explains why Prop 32 and Prop 33 are zombie initiatives:

PROTESTOR: “It’s these zombie propositions. They just won’t die. They come back year after year with different names, different numbers, but they’re all the same. Insurance companies trying to raise our rates.”

REPORTER: “How do they keep coming back?”

PROTESTOR: “Billionaires. Corporate interests. Like $22 million dollars from this guy, Charlie Munger Jr., $16 million from the Mercury Insurance chief. They just put the money up so that they can get it on the ballot, come back, and try to take our money. They don’t know how to just go away and stay dead.”

The film was directed and produced by filmmakers Tom McMahon and Shannon O’Rourke and a volunteer team as part of the Public Interest Pictures Nonprofit Film Festival.

Proposition 33 would raise insurance rates on new drivers and Californians who stop driving for good reasons and then get back on the road, including:

  • Graduating students entering the workforce;
  • Foreign service workers and veterans;
  • People who dropped their coverage while recuperating from a serious illness or injury;
  • Military families;
  • Californians who previously used mass-transit; and,
  • The long-term unemployed.

For more information on why to vote No on Proposition 32 visit: http://www.votenoon32.com/

For more information on why to vote No on Proposition 33 visit: http://stopprop33.consumerwatchdogcampaign.org/

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