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New Poll Shows Californians Are Strongly Opposed to Legislation That Mandates the Purchase of Health Insurance.

The Campaign for Consumer Rights has released data that indicate widespread opposition to the proposed California legislation and related ballot measure that would mandate consumers purchase health coverage from insurance companies.

A poll of 600 high propensity voters, conducted during the week of January 7th by Grove Insight, finds that 63% of Californians oppose the Governor and Speaker’s mandatory health insurance plan and only 16% favor it, with 21% undecided.  Even when asked if they would support the mandate if it regulated the insurance companies providing coverage, only a third of respondents showed any support for a law that forces people to buy private health insurance. By contrast voters surveyed overwhelming support measures that require greater accountability for health insurers.

Read The Campaign for Consumer Rights news release.

Download a PDF of the poll.

Download PDF graphing some of the poll's highlights.

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