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We did it! Voters stopped Prop 33

Insurance companies learned a lesson last night in California: Don't try to fool the voters or you'll be the one looking foolish.

Thanks to your help voters saw through one insurance billionaire's deceptive campaign and rejected Prop 33 with 55% opposed.

Mercury Insurance Chairman George Joseph spent $17.5 million and, for the second time in two years, Californians rejected his self-serving ballot measure to raise rates on good drivers and enrich himself.

We were outspent 70 to 1. But we had the truth!

Together we saved auto insurance regulation in California. Now we have a strong network that will allow us to create new reforms to ensure fairer prices in health, home and auto insurance -- the three lines of insurance that we must buy.

We've qualified our own ballot measure for 2014. Last night's populist victory against the head of California's fourth largest insurance company means we can beat big insurance companies when we have the truth and the public on our side. If you would like to contribute to our 2014 initiative effort for fairer health insurance, auto insurance and home insurance rates, donate here.

Thanks for all you've done to protect for California consumers. We are very grateful for your support and help!

Thanks for all you do,

Jamie Court
Consumer Watchdog Campaign